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Registration Exhibitor - We are booked out!!!

With the following registration form you are applying for the 1-day trade exhibition during the 9th Developer Forum Battery Technologies 2015 on November 4th, 2015.  After confirmation of your booking we will reserve a 1,6 x 2m exhibition stand for you.

Important: Benefit from early booking (reservation to 08/01/2015) with a reduced rate of 855, - EUR + VAT - be quick it’s worthwhile!

The regular rate upon expiry of the early booking (reservation as of 08/02/2015) amounts to 950, - EUR plus VAT.

We will contact the participants in due course for clarification of further details regarding advertising, giveaways, sponsorship, etc.

Please fill out the complete registration form – particularly the fields marked with "*".

Registration Form

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The Table-Top Stand measures 1.60 x 2.00m. The stand includes 1 table (1.60 x 0.80m), 2 chairs and a connection to a power supply (220V - please bring a power strip!). Please note: a maximum of 2 Roll-up Displays are possible as the exhibition is held in the auditorium.

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